Current Individual standings

ISGA Seniors standings  – updated 10 October 2019

top 25 for 2019/20to date


ISGA Juniors Standings – updated 10 October 2019

top 20 for 2019/20 to date







New for 2018

International match between England & Scotland.

Top players in the order of merit will be picked to represent their country results can be seen here

next event 2020 in Scotland

World ranking event run by ISGA

The Alexander Quin Invitational – where the top Universities, Colleges and Schools will be invited to take part

more info here on 2015 event

more info here on 2016 event

more info here for the 2017 event

more info here for the 2018 event

Previous wins for ISGA teams

win for Shannon Flynn at Stirling Invitational


Previous teams have won the Exeter University world ranking event and the Sterling University world ranking event


Exeter University event winners plus 4th Individual


Sterling University event winners of the Girls team plus 1 and 3rd Individual