August 17, 2018

Junior League FAQ

Q    How do the green fees work

A    the cost of green fees to be split equally between the number of teams ( not schools). Ideally lots of schools will have their own golf course


Q    Does the game have to be played on a full course or can it be played on a school 9 hole course

A    The initial idea of the league was to utilise the many schools that have their own golf yes the league can be played on both full or schools golf course


Q    When do the rounds have to be played by

A    The National finals will be at the end of June, so as long as all rounds are complete by then


Q   We have our own golf course and are willing to host 1 or 2 events for free

A    All schools that host an event for free at their own golf course will get a free quarter page ad in our newsletter


Q    Do we have to have the same 2 players in a team all the way through

A    Yes same players must be in the same team…..if there is an injury or player has left the school then they maybe replaced…but contact us first to confirm


Q    If a player is disqualified what happens to their score

A    If one player is disqualified then the score for their partner will count towards the total


Q    How does the modified stableford work

A    All players play off 36 handicap…..see below to download a sample scoring example

how the league works

Q    will there be a charge for the National Finals

A     No schools that win will be given a free place at the National Final


Q  how many team reach the National Finals

A  2 or 3 from each area depending on entries ( max 2 teams from 1 school), a max of 2 teams from 1 school may attend the finals if qualified


Q     Will there be help in finding a 9 hole course if we do not have access to one

A      Yes ISGA will assist in finding local 9 hole courses to play on


Q     When will the National Finals be held

A     At the end of the summer term end of June


Q     Will there be schools ranking points for this

A     Yes points will be awarded to schools as they progress..points to be confirmed


Q     what age group are eligible to play

A     any student born in the year 2002 or more recently for the 2016 season