Privacy Policy

Here is an outline of our policies to reflect changes in data privacy laws, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union..

Our database will only include names, emails and tel nos of those that have opted in to receive details of tournaments run by ISGA. ( held on a password protected database)

Teachers emails will only be shared in the knockout and leagues run by ISGA and only to those in the same area

Student details that have been submitted to us for tournament use only will include Name, dob, handicap, school and golf CDH no. These will only be used for recording scores at events and making sure students are in the right age category. These are held on an England Golf Authorised handicap software program)

We have deleted all students details we hold from the England Golf database so we can start a fresh database of those who understand the new regulations.

All data is stored on a password protected computer and password protected excel database. No data is shared with any other organisation

Our entry forms will now include a box to opt in to accepting the above.

Consent forms are also required per competition . Sample consent form below

consent form isga