6 Pupils per team play scratch foursomes knockout against their drawn school to play for the Scottish Foursomes Trophy.

Tournament run through the same period as the ISGA Schools Matchplay

The winning team will be invited to play in the ISGA National Finals (only if they have not already qualified via the ISGA Matchplay Tournament)



1.       Age

Competition open to boys and girls who currently attend an Independent School


No handicap allowance, all players play foursomes scratch matchplay.

3. Teams

A team consists of six players of either sex who will play foursomes matchplay against their opposing school.

Matches must go out in handicap order lowest first

If the first 2 matches are all square or 1 win each the final match must continue until a result

Any team who turn up with less than 6 players will forfeit that particular game

4. Tees

Boys play off the competition tees of the day, Girls play of ladies tees

5. Golf Rules

Golf Rules as per rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

All matches must finish until there is a winner

If the first 2 matches are all square or 1 win each the finals match must continue until a result

6. Range Finders

GPS and Rangefinders are allowed at the permission of the host course

7. Golf Course

Matches must be played on a measured 18 hole course affiliated to the relevant Golf Union

8. Distance between schools

Schools drawn together that are more than 50 miles apart may play at half way venue with agreement on both sides


A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given with a valid excuse for cancellation of an agreed event

Schools must play their matches by the due date. Extensions will only be given under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the organisers.

Schools running late with their matches must keep the organisers and their future opponent informed

Failure to comply may result in disqualification

10. Assistance

No buggies or caddies allowed. No outside assistance may be given to players by teachers, coaches or parents.

Schools found to have given advice to students  during play will be disqualified from the competition

11 A maximum of 2 golf scholars per school may play ( A golf scholar is a player who has received more than 35% fee reduction)

12 Rules Decisions

The decision of the organisers is final